Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soaking It In..

I've been to the Korean Folk Village before, but being it was a different season, it warranted another visit. With the leaves turning colors, it was completely worth it. Every time I go, I just enjoy strolling... but yesterday I enjoyed strolling and taking in all the colors. Friends, I'm not sure if I can ever live in a place forever, if I wasn't able to enjoy all 4 season... there's just something magical about each and every change of season (even into Winter!) Do you see the change of season where you live? I just adore Fall... and I'm a little scared to welcome Winter, but right now, spending time outside while I can (before those below 0 degree days come) is helping me soak it all in...

We're working on "smile"... yup, it's very foreign to my little girl (pretty much as foreign as Russian as to me)... I can't believe we actually adopted a little one who doesn't like the camera...

This girl can make a friend WHEREVER she goes... seriously... she has no social bubble... and she's great at POPPING everyone else's.

We found a "wish" tree... where everyone write their wishes on ribbons and hangs them on the tree (love this idea)... well, Charlie actually found wishes on the ground... picked them up, and wanted to "wear" them...

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  1. Beautiful! (As always, Karen!!) I need to figure out how to get there sans GPS.

    And just think about how much fun you and Charlotte will have in the snow!!! Snow angels? Snow balls? Sledding??

  2. Goodness you live in a gorgeous place. Yup, where I'm from we experience the change in seasons too. And I, like you, don't think I could live somewhere where there was a definite change in seasons. Even though I'm not crazy about heat, I love that I get to swim at the beach during the summer, so I'll deal with it :).

  3. Love that last picture! Just gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Karen!! Alyce Rathburn

  5. Beautiful pictures. Eventhough I prefer summer, there is something special about autumn. Especially those colors.
    I love pictures of Charlie. How is she changed and that satisfied look on her face.
    I like reading your blog! :)

  6. GORGEOUS!! i love how pictures of Becky taking pictures have worked their way into your photos ;)