Friday, October 14, 2011

Swinging and Smiling

Dearest Charlie Wray,

Oh, how much has happened in the last month... but first, let me say, Happy 4 month "Gotcha Day" ! This month surely flew by, and I'm certain it had something to do with the fact that we were always on the go. We embarked on a huge journey this month, to the United States... and in that short amount time, you stepped foot in 2 countries (Japan and the US) and 6 states (California, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas).. whew! You received countless compliments throughout this whole month on what a wonderful little traveler you are. Both Da Da and I have to agree with all these compliments (even though it was Mama that did all the traveling with you!) You truly were meant to be our little Air Force brat... looking back (especially on our trip from Ukraine to South Korea) we would never have "pegged" you as being such a traveler, but now... after flight delays, missed connections, and long flights (your longest has been 14 hours)... you are one amazing traveler... never complained once. Who are you? Most little ones your age were terribly rotten on the plane, but not you my dear...

This month marked a HUGE happening... you became an AMERICAN CITIZEN... and we couldn't be more excited (except for the fact that we have TONS of paperwork to do now). Next stop is Social Security # and US Passport. Slowly but surely everything will get done. |

This month was the first time where you've been apart from Da Da for more than one day... He has been gone for schooling in the states, and every day you look for him. What's sad is how excited you get when Skype rings, because often he is on the other line, and you get to video chat with him. You've had a few days here and there, where Mama has had to rock you to sleep... We pray that you never feel like we're going to leave you... promise, Da Da being gone is only temporary. You're a strong girl though, and you're the best companion for Mama.

We can't forget to mention how much swinging you did this month... on toddler swings, on big girl swings, and even on tire swings... whenever there was ANY kind of swing in sight, you were swinging.

This was also the month that you FINALLY started to realize what the thing around Mama's neck all the time, is... a camera... yup, Mama's permanent accessory. As much as you hate looking up to smile, every now and again Mama caught your ridiculously adorable grin.

Every month you deliver something new to us Charlie Wray... what will month 5 bring? Hmm... I suppose we'll see soon enough.

Da Da and Mama
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  1. . . . and all the people you have blessed along the way!!! And all the couples who have been inspired to adopt children because of your 'story.' And the sheer inspiration you are to all of us as you tackle new skills, overcome obstacles, and just learn to love life. We love you, Charlotte Wray.

  2. My in-laws will be happy to hear that Chicago has FINALLY been called it's own state!! LOL

    And, ohhhh, swings!! My two would live on them if they could!

  3. I can't believe you've had her for 4 months now. That's crazy! What a wonderful 4 months!

  4. I recently came across your blog from a facebook posting and have read basically from April until now in about a week. I am amazed at how well you have documented your journey and am pretty much hooked (I was spoiled to get to read so much at once.) I pray your family continues to be blessed!

  5. aw, sweet girl! i absolutely LOVE these updates, friend. Charlie is thriving under your care, i can tell :)