Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baker's Alley

An adventure is only complete, when you have friends to enjoy it with... and that is what we did yesterday. Some very dear friends of mine (and their wee little ones) and I (and my little one) embarked on adventure yesterday to seek, locate, and conquer (with our wallets) "Baker's Alley" in Seoul. I'd say we did just that. What an awesome place, filled with anything you could ever imagine that a baker would need... or a person who enjoys lovely packaging (like I do!) This will definitely be a place that I go back to, again... again... and again... I don't think I could ever tire of this place.

and no adventure into Seoul is complete without a picture taken in the "subway"...

I used the directions from this blog, to get there... and they were pretty accurate!
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sweetest Mail...

Charlotte's favorite thing to do lately, is check mail. YUP, this girl has received so many sweet care packages, that she thinks that going to the mail box means she'll get to open up a gift. Thank you to all who have sent her the sweetest mail lately, you pretty much MAKE her day.

Who says PJ's are only for "Nie Nie" time?
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time to Give...

I'm so thankful here in Korea... because my husband's squadron gets together and deep fry's turkeys and people donate side dishes/desserts... I don't have to cook a huge elaborate dinner for Thanksgiving. I know... some people LOVE hosting a beautiful dinner and creating lots of scrumptious things. Well, this girl doesn't. I don't mind hosting... it's the whole cooking/baking ALL day long that would drive me crazy. So, when I'm asked to bring a side dish and dessert, it means I have extra time to do something special. I made a double batch of these lovelies... and wrapped up a special basket (recycled basket from a farmer's market in Italy) of pumpkin cookies for the soldiers that are manning the gate at the base today. Many of these folks are TOLD to work.. not given the choice... and boy are we grateful for them. This Thanksgiving, why not show someone in your community that you are thankful for them and their service... maybe it's not in the military... but perhaps it's your local fire fighters that are "on call", or police officers... maybe even stop at the hospital and drop a batch off for all of the nurses and staff.

I have a feeling that when we get back to the states, Thanksgiving is going to become more of a giving time for my family, instead of an eating time... I would LOVE to volunteer my time at a shelter to feed those that are less fortunate on Thanksgiving (jotting that down in my memory for next year!) and it's something that we hope to continue to teach Charlotte... after all, she has a huge heart.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you sweet friends...

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Like it...

While editing some sessions today, I received a phone call from the hubby at work... telling me to look outside. Yup, we had some snow flurries! I quickly put a hat, gloves and sweater (not sure why, but I forgot a jacket for both of us!) on the little one and we made our way outside to check it out. Pardon the lack of color coordination with her outfit... I grabbed whatever was nearby to put on her. I'm fairly certain (without a doubt in my mind) that this girl... my girl... has NEVER experienced snow before. I couldn't imagine the nannies in Charlotte's room putting warm clothes on the kids, and pushing them (because most barely walked, even Charlotte was rough on her legs when we first met her) around in the snow with their old/decrepit hand-me-down strollers. Yes, that would be an assumption on my part... but again, fairly certain that is the case. I'm sure she stayed inside ALL Winter long, and never saw snow before. I cannot even begin to even describe how excited she was when I took her out... and I don't think the pictures do it justice... it was a sight tobehold.

Charlotte... what do you think of the snow?

"like it... " (exact words)... yup, that's my girl.

On another note... we rushed inside, not because it was cold outside... but because Charlotte had to go potty (yup, she's been using the big girl potty for nearly 3 weeks with an accident here and there)... and I learned a valuable lesson, that I thought I should pass along to y'all: While wiping your child's butt, it's best if you didn't still have your long scarf hanging around your neck...
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{ BOW }tox

The last two days with the little one have been a little rough... she's been extremely naughty...
pretty sure it's because she finally feels comfortable enough to "think" she can always have her way with me... I've been in a little slump... needed a little medicinal crafting time... and came across this awesome tutorial.

So, with all the felt scraps I have... which seriously, is a lot, I decided to try a little { Bow } tox... treatment in which I would craft bows to rid myself of the ugliness that I was feeling towards her behavior. The tutorial for these bows is simple and classic. Seriously.. who doesn't love a good bow? Bows can adorn ANYTHING... once made, you can attach them onto hair clips, pins, clothespins, etc! You can make them look different by adding a strange texture, like twine, or even lace... or change up the middle portion of the bow by choosing a different color felt. Super easy, and super fun!

With all my extra scraps, I made a bunch of clothespins that I'm going to use for a packaging technique this year for my cookies and other special gifts for family. Then I took some extra scraps and created hair bows to send to some special girlfriends in Charlotte's life (and cousins-wink wink!)

Makes for some inexpensive, one of a kind gifts for some special ladies. Oh, and I'm pretty sure, if you attached some elastic to them, you could even turn them into little bow ties for those special guys in your life.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Class By Herself...

A sweet dear friend of mine, Ashley, recently sent me a copy of E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web"... and I'm pretty sure it's something we are going to TREASURE for eons. It's the little things like this, that just warm my heart. Although, it's WAY above Charlotte's head right now, I have a feeling (hope really) that this book becomes one that is near and dear to her heart... and not just because of her name. I think the last few lines of the book actually sum it up perfectly, and I LOVE how similar my Charlotte is with spider Charlotte... Wilbur refers to his true friend Charlotte as being "in a class by herself..." and that is exactly what I think about my Charlie.

linking up with Lindsay over here.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's amazing how in one week... all of the Fall color completely disappeared. I knew this was inevitable, but there was a part of me that wish the colors could have lasted forever... it was a wonderland to my eyes the last few weeks, and I could live in Fall forever.

but alas, all the cabbages are being cut down, the gardens are being "fed" by the compost... and the color is completely fading...

The thing about faded color, is that now it's my chance to get away with a "loud" outfit on my child... Charlotte LOVES all colors, and any colors... and the more layers she has on, the better she is. Does she match... nope! can you see her... yup! She doesn't fit right in with the drab Korean background... she brings life to her surroundings... In the summer time, you couldn't really get away with a "loud" outfit like this, but now that we're slowly turning into the Winter season over here... it's completely acceptable.

Hey Charlotte... look what Mama brought outside for you to "play" with...

Ohhhh yeah... it's exactly what you think it is...

You can't hide that smile sweet girl... I know it's in there!

She adores camera... and prefers to play with vintage... yup, she's my daughter.

Even though the Fall color is quickly fading away... don't forget to delight in the little bit that is still left...

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