Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{ BOW }tox

The last two days with the little one have been a little rough... she's been extremely naughty...
pretty sure it's because she finally feels comfortable enough to "think" she can always have her way with me... I've been in a little slump... needed a little medicinal crafting time... and came across this awesome tutorial.

So, with all the felt scraps I have... which seriously, is a lot, I decided to try a little { Bow } tox... treatment in which I would craft bows to rid myself of the ugliness that I was feeling towards her behavior. The tutorial for these bows is simple and classic. Seriously.. who doesn't love a good bow? Bows can adorn ANYTHING... once made, you can attach them onto hair clips, pins, clothespins, etc! You can make them look different by adding a strange texture, like twine, or even lace... or change up the middle portion of the bow by choosing a different color felt. Super easy, and super fun!

With all my extra scraps, I made a bunch of clothespins that I'm going to use for a packaging technique this year for my cookies and other special gifts for family. Then I took some extra scraps and created hair bows to send to some special girlfriends in Charlotte's life (and cousins-wink wink!)

Makes for some inexpensive, one of a kind gifts for some special ladies. Oh, and I'm pretty sure, if you attached some elastic to them, you could even turn them into little bow ties for those special guys in your life.

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  1. Those are super cute! What a great way to get out of your slump!

  2. Adorable! I'm sorry that Charlie has not been as good for you as of late! Praying for you friend. I'm sure it will get better!

  3. Those are so cute! I don't have any felt scraps lying around, but I may need to go out and get some felt specifically for this little project. How adorable!

    I hope things get better with your little one. I'm sending prayers your way!

  4. Sorry Charlie is not cooperating as much as she should. NOW is the time to live closer to parents -- so you can drop her off and get a "sanity break" . . . that change of venue is sometimes the ticket to survival for both you and us! She is just too cute for her own good sometimes, Karen . . . gotta face facts here! We'll keep praying (harder).

  5. thats a lovely project..beautifully executed. Can you tell me where do you buy good quality felt in seoul? Its nice to see a fellow crafter in seoul...i do struggle a lot to find places and things i need. You can check out my blog here:
    www.seoulcurry.blogspot.com hope to stay in touch with you.