Friday, November 18, 2011

A Class By Herself...

A sweet dear friend of mine, Ashley, recently sent me a copy of E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web"... and I'm pretty sure it's something we are going to TREASURE for eons. It's the little things like this, that just warm my heart. Although, it's WAY above Charlotte's head right now, I have a feeling (hope really) that this book becomes one that is near and dear to her heart... and not just because of her name. I think the last few lines of the book actually sum it up perfectly, and I LOVE how similar my Charlotte is with spider Charlotte... Wilbur refers to his true friend Charlotte as being "in a class by herself..." and that is exactly what I think about my Charlie.

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  1. what a sweet post…
    that is a great book! me & my 5 year old just finished it not too long ago & it was as good (if not better) as i remember.
    hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

  2. hey friend, sorry i'm stopping by a little late! i read this book to my class every year and ALWAYS tear up! it's such a great book and i love the light it shines on true friendship. :) happy weekend!

  3. What an amazing little thing to cherish! I sure hope your Charlotte grows to love the book very much!

  4. This post is so precious! Your little Charlotte is cute as a button, and I love, love, love her "loud" outfit from your previous post. What an adorable little girl!

    Hopping over from It's The Little Things!