Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Day

A few weeks ago we received the sweetest gift from some friends of ours... Day Passes to Everland... and amusement park here in Korea. With today being a "Family Day" (a day that the hubby had off from work), and not a Korean Holiday... we headed straight to the park to check it out and have some fun.

Everland felt magical, as soon as we entered... not sure if it was the sweet music playing over the entire park, the way it was decorated with a "Winter Wonderland" theme, or the fact that they had CHURROS on their menu?

Some people come to Everland JUST for the popcorn... and we have to agree, it's super delicious. We'd return just for another round... we knew we should have purchased the refillable tub!

Some come for the T Express... the 3rd tallest wooden roller coaster in the whole world... unfortunately, the waiting line was 1 hour, and with a little one, it's nearly impossible to take turns (adults of course) riding the roller coaster... we'd spend more time "apart" then we would together the whole day! So it was a day of walking around, riding Charlotte rides, watching the "Amazing Animal Show" and visiting the zoo.

There was so much to see and do at Everland, but I think our favorite thing was the zoo portion. She just adored seeing the animals... for the first time ever, I feel as though Charlotte actually paid attention to the animals, and not to the people.

I think the hubby and I both agree the best part of the day, was feeding the parrots. They totally tickle your fingers, and it was something we had NEVER experienced before.

You know it was a GREAT day, when you leave with fingerprinted/foggy glasses, Churro'd faces (cinnamon lips) and a ridiculously cute and very Korean headband.d

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  1. I need a headband like that. Do they come in adult sizes???? Sounds like Everland was a total WIN! Yay!!!

  2. Awesome ~ what beautiful memories ~ CB

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic day! She is just so stinking cute!

  4. It looks like you guys had such a wonderful day! I love looking at your pictures. They are always so sweet and full of emotion. I love that.

  5. You know, we are the MOST fortunate of all parents. To have our children (plus Charlie) on another continent is part of the sacrifice, as they serve in the military of our great country, but the blessing is that they take us WITH them through pictures. This is sooo wonderful of you. "Thanks," seems trite . . . but it isn't -- THANKS for taking us along, too, with your photos. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow it looks like she had soo much fun!! awesome pictures as usual!!