Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Grabbing Fresh Air

Fresh air is the greatest, isn't it? We can't get enough these days... and although many would say how horrible Korea smells... I don't seem to mind it (it has something to do with the fact that we've been visiting places amidst the mountains...) Today's agenda brought us to Wawoojongsa Temple, where we strolled around the grounds, and took in all the beautiful colors, buildings, statues, etc. I can now officially say that I've seen the World's Largest Wooden Buddha... yup, he was there, at the tippity top.

Along the way up (it took quite awhile, because Charlotte climbed these massive stone stairs all by herself), we took a few little "sit down" breaks for Charlie... and the one time when we sat, she noticed others on the stairs, bowing down, in worshipping mode with their hands folded (towards Buddha of course)... and so, would you know it... my little one folded her hands and started praying to God. Yup, she did... it went a little something like this: "Ta too vor dis day Dod... Amen." And now I shall translate, "Thank you for this day God, Amen"

Stopping to "smell the roses" has become a common occurrence these days. She never used to pay them any attention, and then all of a sudden, voila! I actually have to tell myself, it's okay to take things a little slower these days... my little girl needs to enjoy the little things as much as I do. It just gives me more of a chance/reason to snap more and more photos of her.

Here in Korea, Charlotte is a ROCKSTAR... the Koreans eat her up everywhere she goes (I'm surprised there's still pieces of her left!)... but what the Korean don't know... is that Charlotte thinks they're ROCKSTARS!

Sometimes random "time out" locations, are not very effective... note to self...

Same picture... just a different focus...

So... GO... get off the computer... and grab some fresh air... it'll be worth your while.
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  1. Your photos are always so beautiful! And oh my goodness is Charlie the most darling little girl! She's super super cute! My husband agrees!

  2. I spent a few minutes out on the playground during recess before taking a student inside for 'work.' It was lovely.

    Also lovely seeing Charlie grow and blossom. You and Jason are doing just awesome. Praise, praise, praise!!!!


  3. I'm back from the dead (done with my week of school -- 48 hours of classes in six days felt like being forcefed through a fire hose!) . . . and needing a mini-vacation (mentally) . . . and what do I find on Facebook? Our dear sweet Charlie ... and some of the most beautiful pictures YET!! Karen, you are amazing. Cathy and I cannot get enough of this tremendous little package, in whatever setting you choose. "Blown Away" by the prayer story in pictures. Too cute . . . and very impressive. That's a whole sentence in Charlie-speak!

  4. Haha. I totally laughed when I saw Charlie on "time-out" Too cute!! She is definitely a rockstar! Lol!

  5. Yay for fresh air! We hit the Arboretum today, and, as usual, the kids wore themselves out!

    I know this wouldn't have worked with the stairs, but my go-to time-out spot while out and about is normally the stroller- "Do you want to be strapped in the stroller??"

  6. Our weekends are definitely for exploring around here lately! We don't have nearly as impressive things to see as you do, but I'll take the pictures and relish your amazing eye for art! She is one beautiful little girl and I love that she is following in her mama's footsteps, enjoying the little things and praying in thanksgiving for the wonders of God! So precious!

  7. it's Fall over here & it just makes me itch to get outside and capture God's beautiful creation :) you did an amazing job on your side of the world!