Sunday, November 13, 2011

Into Our Hearts

Dear Charlotte...

Happy "5 Month" Gotcha Day! Little one... at first, it felt like time stood still... and now we just can't believe where it's flying off to. 5 months ago we walked you right out of the orphanage, and you walked right into Mama and DaDa's hearts (I know it sounds like a cheesy Hallmark card.. but I assure you, it's exactly what happened!)

What a crazy month this has been... a month full of fun and adventure/exploring... oh boy were we constantly on the "go". We think you're still trying to play catch up with all the sleep we deprived you of, since we skippednap time A LOT. But you visited so many beautiful places here in Korea, ventured on the bus/subway to Seoul countless times, and experienced the most gorgeous fall we've EVER seen. You received so much fresh air... you should be good until Spring time. What won't be good until spring, are your shoes... those poor TOMS are completely done... Pretty sure we can't sell them to anyone as "gently used" or even donate them to the thrift shop... you definitely walked miles in them.

You've become our navigator, even if that means we usually end up at the park or play place...

and everywhere you go... you're constantly climbing on things like a little monkey... it's as if you "just can't help it"... and so there's only one thing we can do, and that is sign you up for tumbling class next month... We're going to help you with that itch... (must be the Ukrainian in you!)

Mama received her new camera this month... and although she was really thrilled to take pictures of you with it, you could really care less...

but that doesn't stop Mama from snapping away... sorry sweet friend... Pretty sure Mama is still hopeful that all of a sudden you'll become a "ham" for the camera.

You have become quite the little lady... legs crossed...

accessories galore... you even wore your very first Korean handmade one recently.

We just can't get enough of you... oh what will the 6th month bring? We're not sure... but we're super excited!

We LOVE YOU Charlie,
Da Da and Mama

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  1. So sweet. And I love the little hair bow! :)

  2. What words can share even a bazzionth of the love, joy, smiles, giggles, adventures, experiences, tears, happiness, kindness, helpfulness, ... the salvation of Charlie that you have poured out so freely for this little girl.

    PROUD of you . . . well that doesn't even touch it. You are absolutely the best daughter-in-love on the planet ... married to a pretty terrific guy.

  3. Poor toms! She is so precious!!! So glad that you've had your precious little girl for 5 months now! Praise God! I'm hoping she becomes a ham someday as well! And a great tumbler. I love to watch gymnastics. :)

  4. She is so blessed to have you for her Mama! And the pictures are AMAZING!

  5. great pictures of such an adorable little girl! those toms!!!! oh my! :)