Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Like it...

While editing some sessions today, I received a phone call from the hubby at work... telling me to look outside. Yup, we had some snow flurries! I quickly put a hat, gloves and sweater (not sure why, but I forgot a jacket for both of us!) on the little one and we made our way outside to check it out. Pardon the lack of color coordination with her outfit... I grabbed whatever was nearby to put on her. I'm fairly certain (without a doubt in my mind) that this girl... my girl... has NEVER experienced snow before. I couldn't imagine the nannies in Charlotte's room putting warm clothes on the kids, and pushing them (because most barely walked, even Charlotte was rough on her legs when we first met her) around in the snow with their old/decrepit hand-me-down strollers. Yes, that would be an assumption on my part... but again, fairly certain that is the case. I'm sure she stayed inside ALL Winter long, and never saw snow before. I cannot even begin to even describe how excited she was when I took her out... and I don't think the pictures do it justice... it was a sight tobehold.

Charlotte... what do you think of the snow?

"like it... " (exact words)... yup, that's my girl.

On another note... we rushed inside, not because it was cold outside... but because Charlotte had to go potty (yup, she's been using the big girl potty for nearly 3 weeks with an accident here and there)... and I learned a valuable lesson, that I thought I should pass along to y'all: While wiping your child's butt, it's best if you didn't still have your long scarf hanging around your neck...
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  1. motherly wisdom appreciated!!!!!
    and so are the pics of this cutie! I can't wait to see more pics when the snow really starts to come! :)

  2. Bahahahaha!! (From the woman who's DAUGHTER peed like 3 feet across the bathroom and soaked everything in sight this afternoon... WHILE said daughter was sitting on the potty."

    Also, if Charlotte gets addicted to snow (like I am) she's going to have an awesome winter! Maybe it has something to do with not growing up with snow.

  3. LOL These are great! She is SO precious!

  4. She's absolutely adorable! Don't worry, Mama, her outfit still looks cute!

  5. Those mittens and hat are so cute! She is having so much fun!

    Thanks for the lesson learned too--- I will keep that in mind for the future ;)

  6. . . . and WHO would be noticing the outfit anyway?!?! That child is just adorable (OK, I'm slightly prejudiced). Smile says it all. With several more years of practice, she will come to know that smiles are required, happiness is important, new experiences are to cherished, and coordinated clothing is optional!!!

  7. I'm a new follower! And must say that I took a couple days getting caught up on your adoption of your precious Charlotte! Love the story, and love your blog!

  8. ...or a long necklace, or your purse, or your camera. (they get tired of being whacked in the head with your purse or camera)

  9. awwwwwww!!
    I wish I lived somewhere where it snowed!!!
    I would love to get a phone call saying, Look outside!! :)
    PS I love her little mismatched outfit!! That is basically how I dress 24/7!! She is such a little cutie!!
    Happy Holidays dear!

  10. She looks so tall in these pictures! And I love her hat:)