Friday, November 04, 2011

Make it... or break it...

Remember how in yesterday's post... I wrote about creating a great makeshift backdrop? Well, along with a great picture, is always a great outfit! Your outfit, can either "make it" or "break it"... A few weeks back (yeah... it takes me forever to get to things) I received the sweetest package from a blog reader (and one whose blog I follow) who has become my "friend", sweet Alison from "Apearantly Sew" ! She sent the sweetest handmade goodies for Charlotte and I... and so sweetly wrapped, if I do say so myself...

As soon as I saw the skirt she made Charlotte... I knew... I just knew it needed to be used for a look into what the "Fall Harvest" shoot would look like. I also couldn't resist putting the fairy wings on her (I had to "rip" them off her body in order for her to take her nap!) Alison, what a masterpiece you created... and Charlie gets excited every time she sees the skirt! She says, "ohhh la la"! Thank you dear friend... and for those that haven't seen her shop... you ought to check it out.

I don't think I mentioned it... but to Charlotte... it's the PERFECT spinning skirt...

A special thanks to Lisa for sending those adorable wings! We had A TON of fun with them today...

Yes, my child's TOMS are completely worn out... what can I say, she made good use of them?
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  1. I know the "shoot" was about the terrific outfit (and it WAS terrific). We nearly "fell over" when we saw the angel wings!!! The pictures of your daughter are WONDERFUL . . . but . . . but . . . but those SHOES!!!! Oy Vey!!! This poor angel needs new SHOES so badly.

    . . . . maybe "Santa" will see these pictures, and . . .

  2. I love it ~ both the shoes and the skirt and wings =o) ~ CB

  3. Love that skirt and her worn TOMS. So glad she's gotten great use out of them!
    The shoot is beautiful! Looks like she had some fun too!!

  4. She looks adorable! It makes me proud to see one of my items on such a cutie :)