Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sweet Farewells

Not sure if you knew this about me... but I live in a lime green house here in Korea... yup, bright lime green. We actually call it the "Key Lime Pie" house when we refer to it to others. So, only naturally... we made some key lime pies tonight to bid my dear friend Becky farewell. What you might not know, is that she is the master of making key lime pies... so of course I had to see if she could create some for us in some cute jars... because remember, everything is better in a jar... and she did just that!

Yes, these last two photos are the only two photos that I have of the two of us together on her trip here! This is what happens when you bring two photographers together... you get pictures of each other, but never together.
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  1. hehe too cute! Glad you had fun with your friend. This will be one post I won't be showing the hubby, he'll be begging for a key lime pie and I still owe him another apple pie ;).

  2. Everything does taste better in a jar, for sure! So glad you enjoyed your time together! I love the color of your house!

  3. Too cute! And I love your hair like that!

  4. Where's the recipe? Must share!