Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time to Give...

I'm so thankful here in Korea... because my husband's squadron gets together and deep fry's turkeys and people donate side dishes/desserts... I don't have to cook a huge elaborate dinner for Thanksgiving. I know... some people LOVE hosting a beautiful dinner and creating lots of scrumptious things. Well, this girl doesn't. I don't mind hosting... it's the whole cooking/baking ALL day long that would drive me crazy. So, when I'm asked to bring a side dish and dessert, it means I have extra time to do something special. I made a double batch of these lovelies... and wrapped up a special basket (recycled basket from a farmer's market in Italy) of pumpkin cookies for the soldiers that are manning the gate at the base today. Many of these folks are TOLD to work.. not given the choice... and boy are we grateful for them. This Thanksgiving, why not show someone in your community that you are thankful for them and their service... maybe it's not in the military... but perhaps it's your local fire fighters that are "on call", or police officers... maybe even stop at the hospital and drop a batch off for all of the nurses and staff.

I have a feeling that when we get back to the states, Thanksgiving is going to become more of a giving time for my family, instead of an eating time... I would LOVE to volunteer my time at a shelter to feed those that are less fortunate on Thanksgiving (jotting that down in my memory for next year!) and it's something that we hope to continue to teach Charlotte... after all, she has a huge heart.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you sweet friends...

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  1. what a beautiful post and message! happy thanksgiving!

  2. Those look phenomenal! I'm a military wife too, so I'm excited to see how you handle things over your daughter is precious! (but I'm sure you knew that ;)

  3. I found your link this morning through Faith Blogs and I am so touched that I did. Loving your outlook on life and that we share a similar mindset. I notice you are in Korea right now, my husband and I were dual military for 12 years. We separated three years ago but still work closely with the military. I'm starting a new link up on my bog this week, Life in an Instant and I would love if you would be a part of it with me. I'm trying to find folks exactly like you to share snippets of their lives and reasons they enjoy them. This week its a celebration of gratitude in honor of Thanksgiving, but each week it will really be about celebrating life and how we captured it through photos. So very nice to meet you!!