Sunday, December 04, 2011

Cookie Swap

How have I never been to a Cookie Swap before? This past Saturday I was invited to an evening out, full of food... ornament exchanging... a rotten dirty Santa game (where I did receive the sweetest gift that wasn't stolen)... and of course, cookie swapping. I might have been complaining the whole time I was baking these... but in the end, I received 30 other cookies that were DELICIOUS! It was totally worth the time/effort I put into baking my own cookies to exchange. All of the cookies were wrapped up so sweetly, and most had recipes involved, which means I'll be baking some of them up these upcoming weeks. Thank you Amber and Christiana for a beautiful evening... I will never ever skip out on a cookie swap ever again!

A look at some of the cookies that were packaged up (a closer look at them in tomorrow's post)...

There's nothing greater than a cheese ball... seriously...

and fruit and veggie platters to balance out all the cheese I ate...

a sweet get together, wouldn't be the same, without ending it with a self timer group portrait!

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  1. I wish I were organized enough to coordinate a cookie swap. All looks great.

  2. And exactly HOW will this event help Jason?!?!?! Not much of a prophet, but I see more "push ups with Charlie" coming in his future after sampling results of the cookie exchange. What a terrific idea!!!!!

  3. Sounds like a good time. I've never participated in a cookie swap either.

  4. The ladies at our church do a cookie swap every year. It's so much fun!

  5. YUM!
    and girl you look oh so cute in that picture :)