Monday, December 05, 2011

"Look At 'Dat..."

This past weekend we put up our Christmas tree and decorations... and the greatest thing was just listening to little one "rave" over it all as it happened. I think DaDa and I heard, "Oh wow, look at 'dat"... about a million and one times. She just couldn't get enough of it... She just kept pointing at each and every light on the tree, and then at each and every ornament. What a blessing to witness a little one's first time decorating for Christmas.

The best part, was all of the cookies from the swap, were set out for us to enjoy as we decorated... and Charlotte couldn't believe that there were THAT many cookies to choose from.

This is Charlotte's "you really need to stay back from my cookies" face... or her "don't judge me... the Dr. said I need to gain a little more weight" face...

Charlotte and I picked up our first "family" ornament at the Express Bus Terminal last week. She even calls the big owl, "Da Da", the middle one "Mama" and the small one, "Char Char"...

Last year, I decided to start my own tradition... taking a polaroid picture of our feet under our tree on Christmas Eve... I can't wait to take one this year with Charlotte's feet added to the bunch.

The best "view" this time of the year...

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  1. Super cute!!! I can't wait to experience Christmas through a child's eyes next year :). Hopefully we'll be able to have something taller than our 3 foot tree. If not it's ok! God is good and we don't need a huge tree :). Love your tree it's super cute!

  2. Love it, Karen!! Joy personified.


  3. Christmas with little ones is so wonderful, isn't it?! My boys are old enough this year that they "get it" more and are really getting into Christmas. I love it!

  4. Oh my gosh, how insanely sweet!!!! I love her with the cookies, too! Does she do what my offspring do and taste a cookie, and if she doesn't like it, put it back for a different one? (We're working on this, BTW!)

    Ooh, another idea for ornaments is to get her one just for her each year, and then when she moves out (sniff sniff sniff) she'll have a bunch to decorate her own tree with. My mom did that for all of us, and most of mine are hanging on our tree. (Except for the breakable ones...)

  5. You put Charlie's ELF on the tree!!!! Grammy "D" is going to think you LIKE those creatures!!! I'm thinking that the cookie exchange makes DaDa Santa one really happy guy. A video of the "Oh, WOW's" at Christmas would really cheer our hearts. That's all we want for Christmas, is a happy little girl.

  6. *hugs* Just have to say I love it, too.

  7. i'm with Charlotte...the doctor told me to gain weight so i've got my game face on when it comes to Christmas cookies ;)
    love love love your tree...Christmas trees make me SO happy!