Thursday, December 01, 2011

Make it Tradition...

Along with the start of December, comes baking... or at least in the beginning, the preparation of "which cookies" to bake. I am by no means a fabulous baker (you can talk to the other ladies in the family about that... I think my sister sucked up all those genes from my mom/grandmother)... but Ido want to make it tradition to bake each and every year, especially since Charlotte enjoys helping me in the kitchen. I pulled out a book my mother gifted me a few years ago, and started marking a few cookies that I'd like to "try" out. One in particular I'll be attempting today, because I have a fun Cookie Swap Party to attend on Saturday. Do you prepare cookies around this time of the year? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Seeing these, reminds me of our time in Germany/Netherlands... they were scrumptious!

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  1. Haven't done any in a few years for Christmas specifically but I like to do fudge, chocolate chip oatmeal, sugar cookies with icing, and peanut butter (sometimes I add oatmeal and/or chocolate chips to these, too)... I guess I haven't been very adventuresome in a while... used to do tarts with jams... I've made divinity a couple times (truly divine) but nearly blew up a hand mixer one year trying to make it... also learned more recently to make black bean brownies which are particularly good with butter cream icing (though not nearly as good for you). ;) Looking forward to seeing all your creations.

  2. i like cookies all year round but i do love this tradition. might have to do it with my own family one day!

  3. COOKIES! love those round things ;)
    we don't do cookies around Christmas but we make crockpot Christmas candy. so easy and so addicting. perfect if you love chocolate like me!

  4. I started baking yesterday. (see the pic on my blog) It's one of my favorite holiday happenings! I went to my first ornament exchange party a couple weeks ago, and I'm hosting my first ever cookie swap in a week. Glad yours was fun!