Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh... Christmas Tree

Oh sweet Christmas tree... when you are lit up... I forget about the ugly air conditioning unit behind you, and just bask in all your beautiful lights... and then, I take out my camera, and have a little fun, thanks to this tutorial from an awesome photographer, Rachel Brenke. Go.. play with your camera, have a little fun with your tree, blog about it, and then come back and leave me the link on this post. I want to see how your lights look at different manual focuses. Have fun playing friends... I sure did!

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  1. You ACTUALLY put real Christmas presents under the tree . . . within your husband's GRASP?!?! Brave lady.

    How does Charlie react to the presents? Any idea that some are for her? Love the pictures of the tree, by the way. You are amazing!!!

  2. whoa. karen those are amazing! wish i had a fancy pants lens to try it out...but maybe i'll just do my own version.