Friday, December 16, 2011

A paper sack Christmas...

When wrapping up Christmas gifts... or presents in general, I love to use items I have "on hand"... and keep it simple. I'm not a fluffy/shimmery/ need to "put a ton of color" on something kind of girl. Something I ALWAYS have on hand, are brown paper sacks (from the grocery store), buttons, felt, stamps, paper doilies, ric rac, and washi tape... essentially... the rule of thumb for me... if it's in the junk drawer, it's free game. Do you have a special way of wrapping up gifts? I think I'll have a few others to show you in a couple of days (once they're made and ready to be wrapped)... until then... enjoy your weekend!

But the BEST part of wrapping up these beautiful gifts, is stamping the words "mama" and "dada" on them... in a million years, I never would have thought this time would come, and here it is...

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  1. How sweet!!
    I usually don't do much wrapping. In the past years that job usually falls upon my mum's shoulders, but this year it is all on me and I am finding new + interesting ways to wrap up presents!! :)
    I love the stamped greeting directly on the kraft paper!! It looks so pretty!

  2. I love to use all kinds of different things too... I often reuse wrapping paper that came off previous gifts, too ;)

  3. I LOVED how you wrapped our picture cd. I made sure to put in a safe place. It's so simple and organic. Love love love!

  4. as much as i love the traditional wrapping paper, a brown paper package makes me oh so happy. the simplicity of it is so appealing to me! <3
    you are an amazing wrapper, BTW :)