Monday, December 26, 2011

Young At Heart

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday in our household. Since we've adopted Charlotte, the only other birthday we've celebrated has been her own (and she really didn't understand the concept at all.) We've been letting her watch a Sesame Street episode lately, that all is all about birthdays, "Stinky's Birthday"... and we think she is STARTING to understand it. She was so excited this morning when she came downstairs to wake us up... she came right in to the room, wishing Dada a "Happy Birthday". We started the day off with a cup of coffee, and an omelet with sausage and birthday candles. Since the hubby has a Physical Fitness test in less than a week, we had to keep the cake away. But, we'll be sure to bake him something delicious for the moment after he passes his test.

Presents were handed out... and then we were on our way to start our day... (after we eased into our morning of course... )

We stopped for some scrumptious Indian cuisine before heading to the arcade.

One of the hubby's presents was to "stay young at heart"... so we took him to his favorite... an arcade, where he could spend $10.00 however he pleased.

and before we made our way home... we made our way to Starbucks for an afternoon cup of coffee... while Charlie annihilated a chocolate muffin!

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  1. looks like a great day! funny, one of our favorite Indian restaurants here in Michigan is called Moti Mahal as well!

  2. did she eat any part of that muffin?
    you have the cutest birthday ideas!

  3. Oh my goodness.
    I'm in love you with your blog. I just found it...
    I'm following...

  4. I love the gift break down. It sounds like how my husband does gifts for me.
    Also, I think Charlotte is beginning to look like Papa :)