Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nearing The End...

You know your days (we're down to 2 weeks until we move) are dwindling down, when...

your cat is becoming "one" with his kennel... a place that will be his home from a grueling 17+ hour traveling day. Praying we have an easier journey with him on our way back to the US, than we did coming over here to Korea. One thing is for sure, Runyan will be in a plastic pet carrier this time... there's no way he'll be able to bit a hole through that... hopeful at least.

your milk's expiration date, is the same date of your departure... woohoo, 11 January couldn't come soon enough.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

How We Roll

And how did we spend the hubby's birthday?  Sleeping in ( a little), with yummy food from his favorite restaurant in Seoul, and then an afternoon at The Korean War Memorial... Not so crazy exciting... but it's how we roll.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Taking On... 31.

Today we'll be celebrating another special birthday! 

Sweet Daddy turned the big 3-1 today, and we couldn't be more excited to just kiss him and hug him all day long. Charlotte was hoping it was her birthday, but she'll settle for it being Daddy's instead. Happy Birthday sweet Hubby/Daddy! We love you. 

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Celebrate... Him.

We woke up Christmas morning... to a White Christmas... and made it all so magical.... even in a hotel room...

We brought along packages that we received from the post office before we left for Seoul yesterday... and made this Christmas the best Christmas that we could have, as our LAST Christmas in Korea... 

"And the first time That You opened Your eyes... did You realize that You would be my Savior ... And the first breath that left Your lips... Did You know that it would change this world forever...And I, I celebrate the day...that You were born to I could one day pray for You to save my life..." - Relient K, I Celebrate The Day
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Nuts about The Nutcracker

From December 24-27th, we decided to vacation in Seoul in a hotel... away from our air mattresses, and surrounded by beautiful Christmas decorations.

Charlotte's favorite movie these days, has been "The Barbie Nutcracker"... she just adores the music... and usually hums it all over the house, as she pretends to do ballet. So, we surprised her with tickets to see the ballet in Seoul, done by a Korean company... and she LOVED it. As soon as the music started, she was ALL smiles...

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rapunzel Vs. Oreck

This afternoon Rapunzel and my vacuum cleaner were in a fight... and apparently, she won... The vacuum cleaner has survived, but it needs a new belt, thanks to that thick amount of hair... I'm fairly certain she didn't even lose a speck of it during the battle...

And this is why I should always check under the couch before inching the vacuum cleaner near it...

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh My Fogginess...

Today was the foggiest morning/day I have seen in Korea in probably the whole 3 years that we've been here... it was frightful... and yet it was a great depiction of my head/mind these days...

With the move, and being in limbo over the next few months (our house won't be done when we get to Oklahoma), I've just had a sort of fogginess that's taken over my entire being... and somehow it'll all work itself out. I'm usually WAY on top of things, but I am barely staying on top of my dishes and laundry these days... so bare with me if blog posts are far and few in between... We're definitely trying to make the most of our last few days/weeks here in Korea...

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

toe.... pick...

With practically no furniture in the house, and most toys packed up, it's pretty important to try and leave the house as much as possible during the daylight hours, so Charlotte doesn't go stir crazy. Wait, maybe I should say, so WE don't go stir crazy. This past weekend, we checked out an indoor shopping center, that just so happened to have an indoor ice rink. So we made it an adventure, and sent Daddy out on the ice with Charlotte for the first time. It was a funny 30 minutes... filled with many spills, and clinging on for dear life... but the smile never left her face. Does anyone else automatically think of the movie, "The Cutting Edge" whenever they see ice skates?

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

We're just a few short weeks away from our departure of Korea... and that meant that last week was FILLED with "pack out dates".  Our dear movers showed up on Wednesday, ready to take on our stuff... I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this in a past moving post, but the people, that work for movers... well they're cardboard magicians! They create boxes out of thin air (not really, but it only takes them a few seconds to put one together with tape on all sides)... and can create a box to fit ANYTHING... and then can have it packed up in a minute. They're remarkable (at least all of our movers have been). This was Charlotte's first pack out, and I was concerned how she might handle it... but all in all, she did fairly well. She tells us everyday that the boxes are headed to America, and that she'll see them soon in Oklahoma. We did manage to put aside some of her dolls, animals and puzzles to help keep her occupied. But who needs toys, when you have a whole house to run through without worry that you'll break something? 

And right in the middle of organizing Charlotte's room before the movers came back from their lunch break...

the snow started to fall.... and fall... and that's how our "pack out" turned into a crazy mess... thankfully by Monday, all of the boxes were packed away in 10 crates, and sent off to board a ship. There's something wonderful about saying goodbye to all your "things"... we don't really have an attachment to anything. We have each other, and that's what's most important. 

Yes, we don't get to decorate for Christmas, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy other people's decorations... and yes, we might not fully bake cookies... but that doesn't mean we won't snag some from our friends. We'll make the next few weeks work, and before we know it... we'll be unloading crates in our new home. 
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wandering The Streets: Day 6

Before our night flight (which was nearly a whole debacle in and of itself- the abbreviated version... because it was a Thai holiday, they moved all flights up 2 hours, without telling us, and we NEARLY missed our flight... it only took us 20 minutes to get our tickets, check our luggage and get shuffled to the gate- It was CRAZY!) ... we wandered the city streets one last time. 

Because it was some sort of celebration/holiday... there were lantern floats EVERYWHERE. In the water, and lining up for a parade. We definitely had lots of eye "color candy" as we walked around. We did some last minute shopping, and then said our farewells to a sweet but short Asian adventure...

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