Monday, January 23, 2012

Do Not Mock Me

It was an ordinary evening...

Until she turned around, and I bursted out laughing... "What Mama... what is it?"

I'm pretty sure "something" got stuck while she was on the potty, and she totally didn't realize it until I pointed it out... I still don't understand how it didn't just get caught up in her underwear/pants, but hung OUT of them instead? haha. enough said.

She was so excited to see she had a tail JUST like kitty cat's.

That's Runyan's "you better not be mocking me!" face...

On that note... I'm going to go clean those windows... they are FILTHY!
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  1. HA! Adorable that she liked having the tail! And I love seeing Runyan. He's beautiful, well Handsome I should say!

  2. Too funny! And you should see our sliding glass doors... disgusting!