Monday, January 23, 2012


Someone hasn't had much of a "spotlight" on the blog lately... so I snuck up on him, during his 5th morning snooze, and of course... he brought "it" like he always does. He's such a sucker for the camera...

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  1. Our cat, Moto, is totally camera shy. I know that as a cat, he has little-to-no understanding of modern technology. However, he seems to have this sixth sense for knowing when we desire that he hold still for a picture. He will look adorable, sitting in the perfect position, in the perfect lighting. As we go to get the camera, he opens his bright green eyes wide, and as we take it from its' case, he smoothes his fur and fluffs his whiskers. When we turn the power on, he sits straight and still, as if THIS time he will let us capture his glory on film. Then, just as our finger is depressing the shutter button, in a swift maneuver only a feline could perform, he closes his eyes, twitches his head and does a double-back flip / triple toe-loop, which by the way is imperceptible to the naked eye, so that in the end, all we have is a blurry black and white streak where our fat fuzz ball should be...

  2. Goodness, he is SO cute! My daughters and I finally convinced my hubby that we needed a kitty. He came home with us on Sunday night and we are all in love. :) Just put up a few pictures of him on my blog, actually.

  3. gorgeous as usual. He's quite a handsome kitty. Our cat was a huge fan of the camera- of co urse that was back in my P&S days and pop up flash on a black cat was...yuck.