Tuesday, January 03, 2012

UP in the sky...

Charlotte and I took a little walk today, while the hubby was tying up a few loose ends at work today (in preparation for his departure tomorrow)... I took Charlotte to a little sanctuary not too from the house, and we hiked up a hill a bit (there are lots of stairs... her favorite). I tried to explain to her Dada's 6 month deployment a little... and how we won't talk to him too much (maybe once a week, since it's an EXTREMELY tough school). I shared with her that he'll be back, but he'll be gone for awhile... and that we'll talk to him on the computer when we can, but that it was going to be tough. I'm pretty sure all that she got out of the conversation was, "Dada bye bye to work awhile." Then I asked Charlotte what she loved most about Dada... and she replied:

UP in the sky (translation: when Dada flies her up in the sky... throws her up, or tosses her... after all, it's his job to rough house her).

cuddle wit Dada... smoothie juice (he makes the best shakes ever)... umm... tickle my feet... and UP in the sky... (clearly I'm going to have throw her around a bunch while he's gone).

Can you blow Dada one last kiss... one that'll last forever because he can view it on the blog whenever he wants to?

How much do you love Dada, Charlotte?

Umm.. dis much.
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  1. Oh, Crud . . . now I'M CRYING!!!! I remember those separations (although not for 6 months!!).

    Yes, you have our prayers, but I'll help with roughhousing when Charlie comes to visit. Now asking God for peace, wisdom, and care for you both while Jason is away. You are one brave lady.

  2. That first pic of her in the series of 6 - Love!

  3. *hugs* What an awesome farewell. Praying for you all, too.

  4. Oh how precious!!! So glad that Charlotte loves her Dada so much!!!

  5. Hi...i just started reading your blog. I went all the way back to when you adopted, i really enjoyed your story! We are also military and in Germany. My hubby leaves Sat for 2 mos...blah! Your little one is adorable too. I hope these 6 mos fly by for you.

    Check out my blog too! Www.Delightfullycoconuts.blogspot.com


  6. So sweet! It just shows how well of a job the both of you have been doing with her and how much "loving on" you both have done. I'll be praying for you all while Jason is away. If you get this way again, please let me know!

  7. ack. Be still my heart. Just precious!