Saturday, January 14, 2012

A whole new level

Dear Charlotte,

Sometimes days seem to blur together... especially since Dada left 1.5 weeks ago for a 6 month TDY (deployment). Our schedules have been so busy, and yet, today I took the day off (not just because I have a huge head cold) to celebrate with you our special Gotcha Day... it's been 7 months!

In this last month, you have taken learning to a whole new level... since Dada has been gone, you've figured out how to count all the way to 20, without my help... you not only sing the "A B C" 's all day long, but you can also recognize 20 of the letters and point to them whenever we are out and about. You are even doing word association with each of those letters. Sweet girl, these are things we NEVER dreamed that you would be accomplishing (so soon...) and we are astounded by your desire to WANT to learn.

You have learned the art of "smiling", although you still like to tease us, and hide it every time the camera comes out. The only way to get you to cooperate, is to bribe you with a tv show (Sesame Street... your favorite), and that seems to do the trick.

You have TONS of energy these days... and this Mama can't keep up with it by herself... it's been difficult (but not impossible) without him. You certainly miss the "rough housin' " with him... it usually got out a lot of that extra energy. For the time being, we'll stick to running around outside, especially on days like today, where it felt like it was autumn again (because it was in the mid 30's instead of single digits!) Sometimes all it takes to get you exhausted is a quick run up and down the nearby temple's staircase a few times.

Oh how we adore you sweet girl... keep growing... keep learning... keep being YOU...

Dada and Mama
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  1. love, love, love.


    1. New shoes!! Yay!!! Oh yes, the extra energy.... sigh. But girl, those accomplishments of hers!!! That is SO awesome!!!!! She's ahead of Max in the alphabet mastering!!! Go, Charlie!

  2. She is so stinking cute!!! Yay for her learning so much so soon! :)

    1. Couldn't comment another way, right now... but totally agree with Toaster ~ super cute! So happy for the three of you.

  3. What a cutie! 6 months is rough. We just got done with an almost 5 month tdy :-/ Love that she's so eager to learn, counting to 20 is a big deal! My 4.5 year old still misses 14 every.single. time he counts ;)

  4. could she possibly be any cuter?!?!?!