Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"8" down "4" to go

Dear Charlotte...

8 months have come and gone... wow... we just keep inching closer and closer to the 1 year mark. CRAZY!

What a month this has been... and how quickly it passed by... you've started school (Mondays and Tuesdays), you recognize letters everywhere we walk (except when you see Korean hangul and get confused...most of the time you think that is the letter "L"), you made it to the states yet again...and not just any state, Hawaii... you LOVE to play "pretend" all the time, and you are certainly starting to march to the beat of your own drum (no one else's)...

This month was the first month where it was just US ladies, and although you miss Dada terribly, we did just fine. You are reminded of him every day when I tickle your neck with kisses, or rough house you as best as I can. Every time the phone rings, you think it's him, and you get SO excited about the possibility of "talking" to him. We talk as often as we can, which often isn't often... but we take what we can get.

This month, you've hit a mile mark... you were able to fit into your 3T jeans (gifted from a sweet friend of your Mama's), and you LOVE them. Other than skirts, these are your "go to" pants, and they don't slide off your butt at all... in fact, they make your butt looks so cute (for now, not when you're 16...)

This month, you've started walking around the house, saying, "Quit complaining" or "Stop your complaining"...and I wasn't sure if you were talking to yourself out loud or to me... until you said the other day, "Quit complaining doggie"... in regards to the dogs next door that continually bark ALL day long (they're quite annoying). It made me chuckle...

Oh, how you make me laugh all the time. You're quite the personality, and life would be completely boring without you... you are so loved dear Charlie...

we LOVE you,
Mama and Dada (indirectly!)

I kid you not... the girl did all of these motions, without knowing what, "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil..." I didn't direct or anything... she's a genius!

to get these images, she might have been plugging her ears from a loud plane over head, might have been playing peek-a-boo, and might have been surprised by a huge burp that roared out of her mouth...
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  1. I love it!! Still kind of feels like yesterday you were bringing her home from the Ukraine ;)

  2. Ah, she's darling :) can't believe it will be a whole year so soon!

  3. Wow - I can't believe it's been 8 months! Time sure has flown by (at least from this end!) She's grown so much over those 8 months. You have much to be happy for.