Sunday, February 26, 2012

A blur

How is it possible to not hear from me for nearly 2 full weeks? No, I haven't been sick... No, I didn't have a broken computer of some sorts... No, I did not go crazy and land myself in the looney bin (although at times, I feel like I should have been checked into one)... Charlotte and I embarked on what was supposed to be a full 2 day adventure (to Hawaii for her eye surgery consult) on 13 February... and we just NOW made it back safe and sound. We packed for just 2 full days, and somehow (it's all quite blurry to me still), we were there for 12 full days. Those 10 extra days, were days I was not "prepared" for... not with our apparel, snacks, mindset, etc. But who needs clothes, snacks and a peace of mind while in Hawaii, right? Nothing that a trip to Target couldn't fix.

So instead of stressing and fretting over the words that Charlotte's ophthalmologist spoke at our consult (something along the lines of Charlie having a severe case of strabismus that needed fixing ASAP), we embraced every word, and prepared ourselves for immediate surgery. The first few days were a blur... jet lag, a last minute MRI, eye surgery and recovery... we spent countless hours at Tripler Army Medical Center...

all to say goodbye to these sweet little crossed eyes...

And after surgery, while recovery began, we started to finally take in our surroundings and enjoy Hawaii...

We saw countless rainbows throughout each of the 12 days...

indulged in plenty of YUMMY things...

ventured around the island to take in the sights...

took in quite a few breathtaking sunsets (each one so different from the previous one)...

and last but not least, enjoyed some much needed rest and relaxation time...

So stick around... I have a lot of goodies for you over the next week...

after all, each part of our trip deserves a massive blog post for you with tons of photos... it'll help me get all the days of our trip "straight" in my mind... like I said, it was such a blur.
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  1. Glad you're back!
    I LOVE that last picture. It deserves to be printed huge & framed in your home. Such personality!

  2. *hugs* Glad you had a good time... how could you not in Hawaii for so many "extra" days. :)

  3. Love the last picture as well and so glad to hear all went well! Can't wait to hear and see more of your trip! xxx

  4. So sorry you had to deal with unexpected surgery, but what better place to handle it than in Hawaii? Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  5. Praying for sweet Charlie! Love that last photo, too...except for the little red eyes.

  6. what a great attitude towards a disruption in plans :) glad you were surrounded with such beauty to enjoy while she recovered!

  7. You are just incredible. You have dealt with all this, while hubby had to be away . . . and what a champ you are! The last picture had us in stiches!!!! Not so sure Charlie will think this is "cool" when she's 18, but it's so much a part of the journey. We're counting the days until we can squeeze her ourselves in May. Much love to you -- as you regain strength, and Char heals.

  8. I had been wondering where you were! I'm glad everything went okay in spite of the unexpected delay! I can't wait to see the rest of your pics - these are beautiful! :-) The last picture is precious. :-)

  9. Awe, so thankful to hear it went well, Karen! I'm loving the curls of Charlie's hair :)