Sunday, February 12, 2012

Destination- Warmth

We leave in just a few hours for Hawaii...aka, warmth. Although it's a quick trip (only 2 full days), we're going to make the MOST of it. Charlotte has a doctor's appointment for her eyes (pray they are willing to take on her surgery and that our sending base here in Korea will approve it), I FINALLY get to "meet" and hug sweet Lindsay, and most importantly...soak up some warmth. It has been awhile since Korea has been warm, and I'm SO ready to shed my jacket/boots for a few days.

he (above) obviously didn't get the memo that fur babies weren't allowed on this trip...
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  1. Jealous! *sigh*
    Love you ladies!!! ~Tante Tini

  2. I just spent 3 weeks there!!! I soaked up every minute of the sunshine, flowers and beautiful surroundings! Why just 2 days??? YOu should stay for longer!!! Now I'm back in snowy Ohio...looking for beauty and joy beneath the snow and clouds. Its amazing how weather affects my outlook on life :-) But the Lord is good amidst it all...
    love, Jessica Barlow

  3. just a little jealous as i'm sitting in sub zero temps!

  4. Have an awesome time!! It's freezing here in Atlanta, so I'm jealous of the warmth and sun that you're going to get! :-) I hope the eye appointment goes well.

  5. GIRLLL. jealous that you get to hug Lindsay! have fun...praying for C's eye consult.