Thursday, February 02, 2012

Little {w}ray of light.

Today was one of those days... I was going on day 4 of not having a shower... 1 month of the hubby being gone, tons of errands to run, but had to wait around for the repairmen to show up and fix our pipes (for the water... it ended it up, it wasn't frozen... there was some damage done to it)... the repairs took 7 hours to get done... and I just couldn't "handle" being stuck in the house one more day with Charlotte (since we had a full day in the house yesterday as well, thanks to those water pipes). It was a day that I quickly want to forget... yup, just go to bed, and wake up experiencing a new day. But before I do... I had to share the little "light" of the day. Wait, let's call it the "{W}ray of light"... since it came from my very sweet Charlotte Wray....

There I was waiting over 2 hours for the repairman to show up today (2 hours that I totally could have ran my errands, or gone somewhere to shower, etc... but no, I had to wait for them to show up)... getting frustrated and felt like throwing my own 29 year old temper tantrum. I retreated to the bathroom, to "get away from it all"...don't worry, it wasn't the one that smelled like an outhouse... and just started crying. It just felt like too much to handle at once, and oh how I dreamed of being a little girl again, with absolutely NO responsibilities.

I looked at myself in the mirror (these photos were taken later, to help you picture what I looked like- 4 days no shower )

looked down at the water in a bowl that I was saving (was on my very last jug) to brush my teeth... and fill up the toilet in order to flush it.

and then I looked in the mirror, and read the notecard that I placed there MONTHS, I think it was even a year ago.

Yup, thank you for that sweet little kick in the pants... and for that awesome reminder God....

I quickly shed tears of relief, instead of tears of frustration... and in walked the little Miss Charlotte Wray... "Oh Mama, it's okay... it's reallllly okay..." and then came that little bit of light out of her, as she started singing, " This is the day {echo} ... that the Lord has made {echo}... We will Rejoice... {echo} and be glad in it {echo}. This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it, This is the day {echo} that the Lord has made"... you know, from Psalm 118:24.

It's a song that I often sing to Charlotte (helps her snap out of it) when she's about to have a meltdown or is complaining... and today, my sweet little one reminded me to REJOICE and be GLAD in it... She was SO meant to be mine...
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  1. You are such a great mom (person, friend, wife, sister...fill in the blank). And, you are reflected in that little one every day. So glad she shared that with you and I hope today is an even better day.


  2. Too sweet! Our little ones do have a tendency to make us feel better, and they want to because they know we are always there to make them feel better. And aren't they the cutest when they sing? It makes my heart happy. :)

  3. this made me cry! charlotte is so often God's grace to you, karen. i love it.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing this amazing reminder, Karen. Love you, sister! Seriously, your lesson was exactly what I needed to hear today, so thank you!

  5. Yay, God! Yay, Charlotte! So glad you were able and even had some help to adjust your perspective. What a blessing and a great story to always remember... also a good one to remember any time things are not what we "want," sometimes they're just what we need. *hugs*

  6. "Out of the mouths of babes . . ." come the most amazing things. And I needed to hear that today, too. Charlie is teaching ALL of us a things or two about how to handle the tough parts. What an incredible little gift to you, to us, to the world. Rejoicing in the Lord for His grace in bringing her to our family. Love to you, from all in the "states."

  7. aww! So sweet of her...She knew what you needed to hear most! :)