Monday, February 13, 2012

a {LOVE}ly one...

For Valentine's Day, I made Charlotte the cutest little skirt... but unfortunately, we aren't in Korea for Valentine's Day for Charlotte to wear her skirt to school. So, I let her wear it the week before this {LOVE}ly holiday... and she LOVED it. I think this is her favorite skirt (that I have created) to date. And it's probably the most simple circle skirt that I have made yet. I chose bright/bold colors...I know my little girl loves those... so Alexander Henry's "Heart to Heart" fabric was a no brainer.

This little girl barely sits still these days... so I have to catch her with the camera when she does.

I get her to sit as long as possible by asking her to "cross" her legs. It's a challenge for her, and she sits still until she does...

and then she's off...

until, she realizes that she can go play with her shadow... and off she goes! I'm fairly certain that Charlotte lives in her own little world, and that her shadow is the only other "thing" in her world...

and then the only way to grab her attention, is to tell her that she's beautiful... and loved...

and then she comes and clings to your leg, and wants to show you your shadow...

Happy Valentine's Day... may it be a {LOVE}ly one...

Dada... this is how much Charlotte loves you... that's as wide as she can reach...but trust me, if she could go wider, she would.

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  1. PRECIOUS <3 love you guys!
    also? i need that skirt in my size, pleaseandthankyou ;)

  2. adorable! All of it! But especially her in that last shot!

  3. so precious!!
    she is the cutest little girl!!
    love the last picture!

  4. love that skirt! she's is absolutely adorable and adored :) I love seeing her try to cross her little legs!