Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Over the next 2 days, after Charlotte woke up and we were ready for the day, we would make our way over to a huge open field (with a few trees) and an extremely large playground. There we spent a good portion of the morning burning off some of that energy that she had saved up from all the sedation of the MRI and surgery. Each and everyday her eyes started looking clearer and clearer, but still blood shut in the obvious places (as you can tell in the photos below, if you look close enough). But the sweet little one started to finally notice her surroundings. She spotted a huge gorgeous tree that was perfect for some shade, and all of it's beautiful leaves.

and that the roots were sticking out of the ground... made for excellent jumping hurdles for her...

A friend pointed out "Touch Me Nots" to us, and we spotted them everywhere in this field. Such an interesting plant... you need to read up on them. They turn inward, just from the brush of your finger. amazing...truly amazing...

she loved running around in the field while we received a sunshine sprinkle....

and even enjoyed a rainbow...

next stop, time to explore the island... and get away from the hospital and it's surroundings!
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  1. We had touch-me-nots in Suriname! They are ridiculously fun to play with!!

    So, I meant to ask this yesterday on your post, but what purpose are her glasses serving now? Are they helping her vision now after the surgery?

  2. aw, so glad you got her sweet eyes fixed and she got to actually SEE the scenery!

  3. Aw what a little cutie! Looks like she had a lot of fun. Great pictures too. -I have never heard of touch me nots either... very interesting!

  4. I was showing my hubby your blog last night and we looked back to May and June last year when you were in the process of the adoption...I said...remember the person I knit all the hats for to take to the orphanage? Ahhh yes...we were both teary looking at far she has come in "becoming" surrounded by your love! Yay!

  5. Reading these last few posts, I've been thinking of the videos you shared with me, from the orphanage when you first met your girl. Wow. What a change. It's been amazing to watch the spark just grow in her, to see you guys nurture and care for her and to see her blossom. Continually praying for strength, guidance, and peace as your journey progresses.