Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sweet measures

It's been quiet over here the last few days... Sorry... we've been smelling the flowers...

and licking our lollipops...

really... it's just a tactic (keeping a jar of lollipops on the table) to keep the little one's attitude in check (yes I use a little bit of bribery... tough times call for desperate sweet measures)... and a little quiet.
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  1. The flowers are beautiful...but I love that table runner! It looks European? Beautiful.

  2. Let the bribery continue! It's legal now, she is your daughter. Oh, and not to spoil the fun, but later on down the road, there is coertion, distraction, and even (at times) not sharing the whole truth! Parenting is a skill, an art form, and a whole bunch of prayer all rolled into one! (We got cha covered with the prayer part!)

  3. oh those flowers have me longing for spring!