Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Totally Overrated...

Last night we had a little more snow for this winter season... so hoping it's the last. Along with the snow, came frozen water pipes (even though I did everything to prevent that from happening)... and right now as I type, they're still trying to fix it (it's 7 pm...and they've been at it since 4:30). It just so happened to occur on a day when I already had skipped a day of showering... yup, pretty dirty over here. It's amazing how much we rely on clean water. I have 2 loads of laundry to do, dishes to clean from food I attempted to cook with bottles of water, teeth to brush, bodies to wash, etc.... and without water, it's like your life stands still... and you can't do a thing. WOW... reality kicks in, and you start to go into panic mode. I decided the upstairs bathroom is the designated "out house toilet"...aka the keeper of all waste, until we have running water again. Friends, this puts SO much into perspective, so much we are to be thankful for...God is good, and at least we have heat on this cold winter day. After all, smelling good is totally overrated... especially since the hubby is gone for awhile.

What I how a couple weeks ago that hair hid well under that hat... and now it's sticking out!
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  1. Oh, I wish you could send the snow to New England! I'm sad to hear about your pipes...hope they fixed it by now! That's terrible...but I can relate to what it's like when those things happen when you already skip a shower :) always happens when my husband is working on things that require the water line to be moved...ugh!

  2. What you DON'T need right now is somebody telling you what to do . . . but when it was our turn for frozen pipes (When the weather man said it was a possibility) we used to fill empty milk jugs with water and store them in the bathroom. At least we had water to brush teeth and wash faces . . . until help came to fix the pipes. For now . . . we're just praying . . . and so thankful for the flood of pictures of sweet Charlie, having snow fun! You are an amazing mom, Karen . . . just amazing!!!

  3. Snow fun ;) Ahahaha, I'm so punny. Ok, I'm good.

  4. I hope you get water SOON! I recenlty went a week with out water, what a doozy! But I was able to appreciate it that much more having been with out.

    I got called into work yesterday so I didn't get to the post office but I did today and tehy said it would take 4-7 days to get there :)

    Happy Thursday to you!

  5. I LOVE that hair and the sweet little one that goes with it. Please tell her Emo loves her and misses her.