Friday, March 16, 2012

9 Months

Celebrating Charlotte's "9 Month Gotcha Day" was one of the highlights of this week... and I love how excited she was on Wednesday to "celebrate" it... even though I'm pretty sure she thinks it's like a birthday or something to her. She doesn't quite get it, yet... but maybe one day she will. We enjoyed MOPS in the morning, and then met up with my dear friend Lauren (Charlotte's favorite person on Earth) for some Thai food and fun. After lunch, we made our way to a local coffee shop, grabbed some hot beverages, and a slice of chocolate/raspberry cake and made our way to the playground (per Charlie's request). She LOVED running around and acting like a fool... and I'm fairly certain that my favorite part was just watching her sport the skirt that I sewed for her the night before, for this special day. I stitched 9 hearts on it (as a garland), to represent the 9 months together, and most of the morning, she spent her time counting each and every one of them. She kept wanting to add 10 to the end of it (just out of habit), and I told her next month it would be 10 months living with Mama and Dada, and her face just lit up.

Ms. Lauren is her very favorite friend these days... each morning she wakes up and prays for Ms. Lauren... asks to go visit her... etc. So, I knew I needed to invite Ms. Lauren to spend the afternoon together with us.

We even received a quick call (2 minutes) from Dada... and I'm pretty sure it was just the icing on top of the...

cake... yes, we enjoyed a slice of cake...

Pretty sure there wasn't a crumb left behind.

and so thankful Ms. Lauren captured me and my little one while we read a little... P.S Adoption books are GREAT... especially to help little ones "understand" everything...

So excited to celebrate 10 months soon enough... Just wish that Dada was here to celebrate it with us.
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  1. She's beautiful Karen. Congrats on 9 months!!

  2. CONGRATS! Charlie's hair looks adorable like that! :)

  3. Congrats on 9 Months!:) That skirt is absolutely darling.

  4. LOVE IT! And wow, girl, you got some height on that jump! Go you! :)

  5. congratulations! what a special day! and i love that sweet skirt.

  6. What a wonderful day with your little girl! And that skirt... such a sweet and cute idea! :)

  7. 9 months?! it feels like she's been a part of your life forever!
    so proud of you & Jason for raising this sweet are doing great friend!