Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Dear Charlotte...

We celebrated your "9" month Gotcha Day today... and I still can't believe it's been 9 months... I think I say this about EVERY month that passes... but I can't help it. It still feels like yesterday, that we met this wobbly, scrawny, little brown eyed (cross) girl... and now the only thing that hasn't changed about you, are that your eyes are still brown. Each and every day you're growing, and becoming a STRONGER (muscles and will) individual, confident in your stride, and independent. You are a little firecracker, that lights up in the morning, first thing when you step out of bed, and you never stop until the end of the day at 7:30, when the fire FINALLY burns out. You have kicked your nap, on most days, and this Mama is struggling with that just a bit... but, occasionally you realize you need one, and give into your bed (like Sunday afternoons, when Mama decides we should "cuddle" together, and you just HAPPEN to "rest" your eyes for 2 hours, even though you weren't tired.)

You're a feisty little thing somedays... remember, I did call you a firecracker in the above paragraph... and this month you were extra "hot"... but I'm so hoping that it's passed, and that it was just a minor phase. Without Dada around, this Mama is having to do ALL of the disciplining, and lets just say my heart was SUPER heavy this month... But, we are starting to have a "break through" and you're giving me just a little bit of peace/hope over all of the "shepherding" I have had to do with your sweet little heart (more on this in a future post). And when you are obedient and listen well, you enjoy being rewarded with playground time.

This month, your eyes were "fixed"... they were straightened, and although one or the other "veers" sometimes, they are usually focused. You are seeing things you've never seen before, putting puzzles together, and able to find me in a crowd... The one thing that you miss more than anything, are cuddles from Dada... and you remind me EVERY day that you miss him. Whenever we talk about our future travels to America to see him (when he graduates), you think we're leaving in that moment, and you get super excited, run over to the door, and start putting your purple boots on. I so wish it was that easy to him... if only...

The sooner we get through the next 2 months (and a bit)...the sooner we are to seeing him, and being reunited as a family, before we celebrate our 1 year "Gotcha Day" anniversary...

We love you sweet Charlie,
Dada and Mama
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  1. WOW, 9 months already! I love that you do this! It will be something you all look back and cherish! Praying for extra patience and understanding heart as you are doing the "solo"'s not an easy task. (been there done that...doing it again for a little bit in a couple days)

  2. *hugs* I love your beautiful story. What a blessing and a continued answer to prayers.

  3. love these photos, especially the last one. Congrats on the 9 months!

  4. Congrats on 9 great months together!!

  5. rejoicing with you my friend!

  6. aww, sending up prayers for you - for strength to be the solo parent. your writing about parenting in 'daddy's' absence exudes an unspoken faithfulness... be encouraged :)

  7. You have an amazing story and a beautiful daughter, thank you for sharing your journey and inspiration!