Monday, March 05, 2012

One last dip...

After the doctor gave us an "okay" to fly back to Korea, we headed straight to the beach for one more last look at the water... it was bittersweet, and every morning since we've been back in Korea, Charlotte has asked to "go swimmin' in the ocean..." She certainly hasn't forgotten Hawaii... and I'm not sure if she will.

If all goes as planned, we're supposed to head back in May for a follow up check up, to make sure everything is going well with her eyes. We'll just have to stop by the ocean to say hello, and see if Charlotte remembers it.
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  1. That's great, Karen... and I love the footprints shot. *hugs*

  2. . . . and the shot of Char with her Mama! What great memories of the beach, the food, the fun things, to take place alongside the necessary things!!! I love that she can look at the lens, she knows what is happening (I'm sure she thinks that camera is PART of Mama's hand) and the fact that you get to return is really cool. Blessing to you for all you've done to make Char's life so radically different than what she would have known in the orphanage. I have had the privilege of sharing that story dozens of times -- it NEVER gets old.

  3. Hi there,

    I came across your blog after reading Lindsay's most recent entry on Hello Hue. I have sat at my desk for the past hour or two and simply read your past entries and been amazed. Not only are your photographs beyond words, but your story is as beautiful as they come. Celebrate Life has officially made its way into my Google Reader, and I look forward to your new entries. And to, of course, more pictures of your adorable little munchkin, Charlotte!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  4. your pictures are amazing!! soo cool that you got to meet up with lindsay!!