Friday, March 02, 2012

Remarkably Grown...

Another trip to the North Shore brought us to the Dole Plantation. I mean, we had to try out something sort of touristy, right? Not to mention, I was told before I left for Hawaii that they had an awesome Pineapple Express (train) that Charlotte would love... and she did. We enjoyed an hour or so here one day (definitely not worth taking a full day for), and were given so many fun facts about pineapples, as well as it's history. I've always been a fan of this delicious fruit, but never knew the extent of how they grew... truly remarkable.

this is a picture of the huge (and beautiful) reservoir that "feeds" the plants on the plantation...

We were handed a few chunks of pineapple as soon as we got off the train, and they were delicious. After, we made our way to the garden area and saw all the different types of pineapples as well as different growing stages... truly incredible...

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  1. I seem to recall a certain young lady attending Bloom U. . . . engaging in a pinapple EATING contest . . . her mouth so sore when she got done it took a few days to recover. Sound like anyone you might remember?
    This time . . . it looks like FUN! OH these pictures are so fantastic!!! What memories they bring back. Thank you for SHARING!!!!!!

  2. I just bought a pineapple at the market're lucky I have one here...otherwise your fabulous pictures would have me running to the store for a late night snack! When I was in Zimbabwe years ago I visited a pineapple farm and saw how they grow...we had little ones, almost apple sized that were so yummy!

    Love your photos :)