Monday, March 26, 2012

Sneaky 'Stache

Every afternoon we gulp down a yummy smoothie... it's definitely our favorite afternoon snack. It's our "sweet" treat for the day, with all the different fruits I put in (more on that for tomorrow's post). But since we had so much fun with mustaches, I showed Charlotte how to tie them on to the fun striped straws that we use...

I'm pretty sure she didn't understand what was going on... but then, was totally okay with it, as long as she was able to drink down her smoothie... Showing her the pictures later, she said, "oh wow, lookeee me, I have a mutash"... so I think she finally got the point.

The sneaky little bug, she totally slurped down some of my smoothie while I was taking her photo... I bet she thought the 'staches could hide what she was up to... sorry sweet pea, my camera caught it ALL.

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  1. She's GOT IT. She can look at the camera, play to the audience, and flash the royal "cuteness!" Both of these girls are really something special. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. so darling!!
    and those smoothies look yummm-o

  3. You guys are WAY too cute! Those are the only good looking mustaches I've ever seen!

  4. Adorable pictures! And great mustaches ;)

  5. Two of the cutest girls ever! :) Also, I love this idea of putting little mustaches on the straws. I must steal this and use it for my boys. They would love it!

  6. oh my word. adorable! both of you are lookin' good with those mustaches (what a cute idea!).