Monday, March 26, 2012


It wouldn't be March if I didn't have at least one post dedicated to "Mustaches" ... I can't believe that it's nearly the end of the month... but better late than never, right? My hubby actually started growing out his mustache not March 1, but since the beginning of January, when he departed from us. Instead of dedicating only 1 month to a "stache"... he decided to grow one out, his entire 5.5 months in school, sort of as a morale booster. I'm pretty certain everyone else around him things it's just creepy. Although I miss him terribly, I'm totally okay with that mustache being as far away as it is right now. (Lovely: you MUST shave that before I see you in a few months!) Charlotte is starting to understand what a mustache is, and so I thought it would be fun to create some 'staches for her to use (in a different way). I cut out two felt mustaches, and hot glued her little hair bands to the back of them.

While out on a walk with Charlotte this afternoon, I decided to take out one of the little mustaches, and bite the elastic end, so it looked like I had some hair on my upper lip. You see, it's hard to get Charlie's attention sometimes, because she's so busy playing with sticks, and plants, and rocks, etc. But, as soon as I called her name, this is the reaction I got:

I made sure I had my camera ready... she was NOT prepared to see "Mama" with a 'stache.

She chuckled and chuckled and chuckled, and then was wondering how I had it on my lip... and then I showed her what I had created for her. She was super eager to try out her new little hair bands...

and might I say, they look super adorable...

But my main purpose for creating them, wasn't actually for her hair... you see, this little bug has been wanting to wear my rings ALL THE TIME... so by attaching a small little band to the back of the felt 'stache, I was able to create a ring for her.

and that is EXACTLY how she likes to wear her mustache... one that doesn't get in the way of smooches from Mama.
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  1. those make totally cute hairties! :D

  2. You are incredible. Connecting with your hubby, your daughter, simultaneously! These are such good pics. It's so wonderful to look Charlie in the eyes, see her delight . . . notice the smiles. New box (Easter stuff) coming soon! . . . love to you both!

  3. so cute and clever!! her reaction is precious!