Thursday, March 01, 2012

Waimea Valley

The following day we made our way to a waterfall, on the North Shore, from a friend's recommend. It was super easy to find, but did take us quite some time to make it there, thanks to the wonderful traffic. But that was a good sign right, traffic? meant lots of people were headed to a beautiful area... and that certainly was the truth.

Charlotte was super excited for a walk, as was I... we saw tons of beautiful peacocks, that she actually pointed out to me... and then she heard it, the cackling of a rooster, and ran right in the direction of it... she looked at me, and said, "Birdie..." to which I kept telling her over and over again it was a "rooster"... and after telling me 14 times it was a "birdie"... she finally decided to completely rename it, "Rudie"... why not, right?

self timer did NOT disappoint me, and I was able to get into 2 photos myself...after a positioning and adjusting all my settings on the camera. It was nice to finally "GET" in some photos on this trip... to prove it was me that brought Charlotte here. For the first time, Charlotte actually looked right at the camera, when I pointed to it... it was a huge milestone for this photographer mama... and it literally only took 1 try...

after our sweet little walk through the beautiful/lush green... we made our way to the waterfall, and found it completely muddy... thank you rainfall from the night before.

this was her face after I told her we couldn't go swimming... she was bummed to say the least, and then said, "um... Ocean..."...

after our stroll back to the car, we headed to the beach. I promised this girl some water, and since the waterfall didn't "deliver"... I knew the nearest beach would...

she even picked up some "hula" skills... or maybe she was just playing with her shadow... either way, she was cute!

until she realized how much sand she got over herself, and she was ready to leave... immediately...

we stopped for a little nourishment on our way home, and it was such a delicious sandwich, from Storto's... she gobbled everything up, bean sprouts and all...

and a sunset in the countryside as we drove back to our room... another perfect ending to a great day...

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  1. She takes after her aunt in her hatred of sand! :) Oh my word, and those pictures of the trees are BEAUTIFUL!!! I seriously said "OH MY WORD" out loud while I was looking at your post alone in my room. Love you!

  2. Beautiful pictures Karen! I've enjoyed keeping up with you guys! I have to agree with your friend above, the tree picture was breathtaking!!

  3. it looks so beautiful. Your pictures are amazing!! :) I can really feel the summer from it :)

  4. Hahahaha: "Um... Ocean!" You can hear the "duh, mom!"

  5. HOW DO WE THANK YOU? How can we share our gratefulness that you took the time to record your journey and share it with all of us (OK, it's really for Char, and Jason to be able to experience along with you, but hey -- we LOVE being along for the ride.
    You are an amazing photographer. The composition of pictures with the trees is BREATHTAKING. Thanks for reminding us of the place where we invested three years of life and came away with the addition to our family that you claimed as your best friend for ever!
    What a story! It takes Cathy and I back 30 years . . . like it was yesterday.

  6. Beautiful photos! Best trick for getting the sand off is to use baby powder!

  7. The way that she met you half way with Rooster and Birdie (Rudie) is a classic example of compromise. Just thinking way ahead of the teenage years where I am now with my sons. May you always have a quick, fun-loving solution!

  8. Oh, everything is just the way I imagine it...breath-taking! Your photos are just beautiful and I can almost hear Charlie giggling in the water!

  9. Love seeing you on blog with your sweet girl!

  10. My oh myyyyy, what an adorable little peanut you have, and beautiful photos from your trip. You are mighty talented my friend, glad you're sharing it with us! :)

  11. Wow...what an amazing journey. Those trees, the one above the palm photo - astounding. So pretty. What a journey God has blessed you with Karen.