Saturday, March 03, 2012

Where we left off...

Hawaii was full of beautiful beaches and amazing countryside to "breathe" in... but my most favorite part of the entire trip (other than spending it with my little sidekick), was that I was FINALLY able to meet a gal, who is near and dear to my heart. Yes, if you asked me years ago that I would make a friend through my blog, and want to meet in person, I'd think you were crazy... only creepy people meet online, right? But not so much in this instance. I found Lindsay's blog almost 1.5 years ago... and we had some similarities... both women of God, passionate about creating, military spouses, lover of all things related to traveling... the list goes on. So thankful I found her in this little blogging world, and even more so, thankful to finally meet her... an amazing friend who has joined me on my adoption journey in prayer and encouragement. I was SO excited for her to meet Charlotte, as I was to meet her myself.

I wish I had put aside even more time, than I did for more visits with Lindsay while I was in Hawaii...but extremely grateful that she was able to give us an evening... we headed up to the North Shore, picked up some sandwiches from Storto's...and headed straight for the beach. While Chris was surfing, and Charlotte was busy playing with her shadow and sand and who knows what else, I was able to "chit chat" with my dear friend... and for me, it wasn't like we met for the first time, but rather were starting from where we left off...

I was so excited to see Lindsay in person, but even more so, to witness her beautiful baby bump... it's something that I have been praying for, for her and her husband, for quite sometime... and seeing her sweet belly... reassured that God really does answer prayers, and that everything truly is in His timing. What a blessing our time together was...

aren't they the most beautiful handsome couple you've ever seen? (sorry I had to make it manly enough, so Chris wouldn't be offended...) their little babe has awesome genes coming their way!

After taking in a glorious sunset, and packing up our stuff back in the car, we headed to an AWESOME frozen yogurt place... yup, still dreaming about eating more of that. Why doesn't Korea serve frozen yogurt with a crazy array of toppings for you to choose from?... I think it would be a hit here. Saying farewell, left me with a feeling that we would see each other again... although I hope next time my hubby joins along... who knows maybe both the Navy and the Air Force will miraculously place us near each other at some point... wouldn't that just be the sweetest thing?

Lindsay gifted me these sweet little magnets, that are SO me... we have such a love for magnets, and the photographer in me was SUPER excited to see the camera on them. PRECIOUS! You can find them in her shop, but I was super blessed to receive my very own pair. I can't WAIT to have fun with them near my new desk area (that I'm working on fixing up right now... I need an inspiring desk area to create, and these little numbers are going to help that out!)

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  1. what fun to have a blog friend become a real life friend! and that photo of the beach is breathtaking!

  2. How amazing that you guys got to meet! Such wonderful photos and those magnets are super sweet!

  3. I love meeting my blog friends in person! :)

  4. I've loved checking out your Hawaii pics and am so happy you got to meet the Wilkins'! Aren't they amazing?! :)

  5. Oh man, I read both of your blogs - so happy you "met"! God is good.