Saturday, April 14, 2012

10 down... Hallelujah!

Dear Charlotte...

We made it 10 months... Yes, Hallelujah!

So happy this last month flew by quickly... not because we really want to see you grow up and leave the nest (eventually)... but because it just means 1 more month down as a "Single Mama" while Dada is gone. I know, it's more selfish on my part than anything else, because life has been super tough without him... you have been SUPER tough on me lately... and I know it's because you miss him big time. You will take ANY rough housing from just about ANYONE willing to give it out... in fact, you always ask for "more" or "again", and I keep having to tell you over again, that "begging doesn't look pretty on you..." but you don't really get the hint. Soon sweet girl... soon you will be "flung" around by Dada again... in about 1.5 months.

You've started to prefer yogurt, granola and fresh fruit for breakfast... other than your "go to" oatmeal choice... and spaghetti and Thai food, are still dishes that you ask for (even for breakfast), because they are your ultimate favorites. You are a snacker though, and are constantly wanting to "eat"... and your recent growth spurt is definitely the root of that little habit. I have given you A LOT of massages on your aching muscles this month, and you always return the favor by rubbing my back for 3 seconds. Yes, I rub for 15 minutes, and you for 3 seconds... not sure how fair that is, but I'll take it.

You're starting to remember people's names lately, and aren't just calling them "Man" and "Lady"... it's sweet when you actually recognize someone, and call them by their name properly... makes my heart warm up, the same way it did, when you called me "Mama" for the first time.

You are growing closer and closer to Runyan (who you now call by name, and not just "kitty cat"). Sometimes you let him snuggle you, even though you'd prefer to just pull his tail.

You have two favorite new books, one is "The Ear Book" and the other is "Brand New Day"... both are total winners in your eyes, and usually like to read them back to back to back to back of each other...

Your most FAVORITE thing this month though, has been going on "outings" out and about here in Korea. You NEVER want to stay in the house all day... in fact, every morning when you wake up, you want to just put your outfit on, and GO... ready for any adventure that I have planned. I'm sure the change in weather has played a huge part in that... but even on rainy days, you are ready to head out... those days where I just want to stay in my jammies all day. You dread rainy days.. and sometimes I get so excited when we have one, because I have an excuse to actually STAY in the house. Oh, our adventure seeking, energetic little girl... you are LOVED and we are excited for another month down and many more to come...

We love you,
Dada and Mama
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  1. you two are just the cutest pair!
    praying that time goes by smoothly for you :)

  2. Congratulations! When reading this, I had a vision of a grown up Charlotte and her 'get up and go' personality. It will serve her...and HIM well.



  3. Am so happy for you your time apart is almost over!! I know y'all all 3 will be glad to be back together!

  4. I can't believe it's been 10 months! How "grown up" she looks in these photos. What a sweet, precious and adventurous girl you have! I know you are counting down the days until it's three of you again. :-)