Friday, April 20, 2012

Cherry Snow

Before our shopping trip (from yesterday's blog post), we made our way to the famous Cherry Blossoms in Yeouido Park... and they were breathtaking. With this being our last Spring here in Korea,  I just HAD to share this beautiful sight with the little one.

Every time the wind blew... the blossoms fell off the trees, and Charlotte called it, "Cherry Snow"... it stuck, and that's what we called that sweet blossom dust on the ground from that point on.

So happy we were able to see the Cherry Blossoms before they all fell off the trees... we have rain this weekend, and I fear that the rain is going to take it's toll on them...

Here's a fun outtake for you... I couldn't resist.

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  1. That's great, Karen. The little fluff balls on her scarf almost make her look as though she's covered in cherry blossoms... especially the shot looking down on her. ~ simply marvelous :) ~ CB

  2. So beautiful! I love the first picture of Charlotte. We don't really get spring here (it's already 100 degrees!) so I love seeing photos. It's such a pretty season.

  3. I can't believe how big Charlotte is getting! Thanks for sharing your times with us!