Sunday, April 08, 2012

happy Easter

Such a sweet and blessed Easter we had today... I asked for everyone in the US to send me their beautiful weather/temperatures... and we certainly had some gorgeous warm weather today... you guys certainly delivered! Thank you for sending that over here to Korea. This morning I taught in Sunday School, so I did miss out on a "Easter Service", but it was still wonderful to share the rest of the day with Charlotte, explaining the significance of today (which I've actually been doing the last few days, in preparation). I tried to keep it as simple as possible... there's only SO much this little one understands. When I asked her who Jesus is... she started singing, "Jesus Loves Me." Okay... she gets the whole "Word/Name" recognition (check)... when I asked her if she understood what I told her about Jesus dying on the cross and rising up from the dead (I said it to her in a simple way of course), she said, "Jesus, He up in the sky!" and pointed her hands to the sky in a "Hallelujah" sort of way (semi-check!) Even though I know she doesn't understand much... it's still important to share... and we'll just keep plugging away at it. After lunch and a quick (but much needed nap), we took a walk down in the Korean village, to check out all the gardens that are planting all their onions right now, as well as a few leafy vegetables... and of course, had to snap some photos of Charlie. As we were getting ready to walk, she asked "Mama, camera?" and all I thought was, "Child, you know me too well... "

we made our way back to the house, and finished off our afternoon with some "egg dyeing"... oh did Charlotte squeal with delight when she saw all the colors that the eggs turned. I think it was even more of a highlight, then turning them into Sesame Street characters...

Charlotte patiently waited for the eggs to turn color, and stirred them round and round... she insisted we make one special for Dada... can you guess which one was his?

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  1. Charlotte is looking so grown up all of a sudden! You have done a beautiful job loving her and giving her a wonderful life. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. What happened to our "little" girl? She is so beautiful Karen . . . Jason may have to get reaquainted when he gets home!!! Such a sweet smile . . . and she's the picture of serenity sitting there waiting for the eggs to turn colors. If we didn't read any of your other blogs we might have thought her docile!!! Sooooooo pretty.

  3. There is a great Easter book that I bought for Isabel called Baby's First Easter. It is a simple explanation of the Easter story that was perfect! Find it on amazon. It is blue and has a handle to carry it.