Wednesday, April 04, 2012

hello spring.

On this beautiful spring afternoon... there was NO way we were going to stay inside... so we took a walk around our little Korean village, and had fun jumping over cracks and from stairs, skipping/galloping like a horse, and of course, posing for the camera. But, the walk wasn't shared with just Charlotte and myself...

that's right... Charlotte INSISTED that "Dada" come on the walk... I gave up explaining to her how he was in America and wouldn't be able to fly here just for a quick walk... so I took out her FAVORITE photo of the two of them, and that worked out JUST fine. She was completely satisfied with the photo... but I know this little one is completely ready to be reunited with him (as am I)... can you believe, today marks exactly 3 months that he's been gone.

Do you see in the above pictures how her face LIGHTS up when she sees him... it's like love at first sight...and I adore her reaction to seeing his face... it's exactly how I feel whenever I see him... and I love how she loves him so. If I had to share him with anyone... it would be Charlotte, and I couldn't be happier. She gave him (his picture) hugs and smooches, and then she was ready to take pictures by herself and with me...

this sweet little number (the headband, not the girl!) was gifted to Charlotte by a dear friend, Moriah... she makes beautiful creations, and you can find them here. For those with daughters with glasses... these are PERFECT... they keep Charlotte's glasses on, as opposed to just a band that sits behind her ear... it's too cluttered behind there then, and often they don't last long on her head.

and if you haven't noticed in previous posts... I've been sporting the "full" bang again... I missed them, and I'm happy to have them again..

pretty much as happy as I am to go barefoot in my TOMS, and say, "See ya later" to my boots...

hello spring... won't you stay for awhile?

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  1. beautiful photos and she is simply gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful life ~ ps did you ever choose the 10 photos? *hugs*

  3. so sweet...she looks so different (older) with her hair up :)

  4. She looks so adorable with the headband! And I'm so glad it helps keep her glasses on. :) I'll definitely have to make more. I just received your birthday package, and OH MY GOODNESS, did you bless my children and I so much! Thank you, hun. It added so much joy to my day! Hope you and Charlie get more beautiful weather ASAP!

  5. I've been following your blog for awhile but have not ever commented and must remedy that! All of these pictures are adorable. I love all of the ones of Charlotte with dada's picture and the once of her kissing you on the cheek!

  6. oh goodness, Karen, she looks so grown up and big in these pictures! Just wanna smooch her-- hope we get to see you two pretty girls in May!!!

    1. she really is getting HUGE! :/ happens too quickly friend... beware! I hope we see you too!!! I keep praying every night for you and the little babe (and Chris) and that we'll get to see you one more time in Hawaii! If so, I would LOVE to take a few photos of you ;)