Monday, April 09, 2012

Up in the Sky...

Today was the warmest day of 2012 (so far...) and of course we spent most of our time outside in it. No better way to celebrate the day after Easter, than with some balloons (of course, I also used them for a photo shoot with a little girl who just celebrated her 2nd birthday)... Charlotte kept retelling me today, that "Jesus is up in the sky"... so, I sort of needed to "show" a picture of what really is "up in the sky" vs. Heaven. Yeah... still not grasping it, but I won't give up, until it makes sense... even if it takes 18+ years! Happy Monday everyone...

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  1. this is SOO cute! i love her top and the fun balloons!!

  2. I've been enjoying reading all of your comments and thoughts about explaining Jesus to your little one. God bless!

  3. Charlotte is seriously sooooo adorable. And so full of life! I cant wait to meet her and see you again! How can I get to your town? I know I can get to Seoul from the bus station in my city, so I've gotta be able to get to you by bus. I'm off facebook for the time being, but you can email me at if you guys are free any weekend afternoon in the coming weeks! I look forward to it!