Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Just "Us"...

A year ago, the hubby and I were enjoying some sweet time together, as just "us" before heading out to Ukraine... it was such bittersweet time. This July, we'll be celebrating our 7 year anniversary. We've been dreaming about "our family" from our 2nd anniversary on... always wanting a bunch of kids... but when a bunch of kids weren't "happening"... we focused on achieving at least one, through adoption. Before our 6th anniversary (literally days before), we brought home Charlotte... and began the journey as parents. Bittersweet it was... It was crazy sharing my time with the hubby, with her... and vice versa. I had him ALL to myself for nearly 6 years, and to share, was something that I had to learn to be "okay" with... time with him, was something I needed to let go of (well, at least some of it), in order for his relationship with Charlotte to grow. But the days/weeks right before we left for Ukraine, were special to me... we slept in (so thankful we did that, especially now since that NEVER happens), ate out, took a last vacation (to Boracay, Philippines), and had some photos taken (per my request of course) to remember how it was... just as "us". Jennifer Lucia, of "Close To Home Photography" did just that, and I treasure these photos as much as those taken on our wedding day.

Didn't Jennifer do a fabulous job? You can view more of her work, here... if you're in the Killeen, TX area, you need to inquire, she's fabulous. I wish she were still here in Korea, to have her photograph our family, a year later!
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  1. What special--and great--pictures!! It's also nice to see more of YOU in the pictures!! I'm glad y'all's time apart is drawing ever so closer to being over!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!
    you are a very beautiful couple!
    so glad that you two were able to have that time together. praying for you as you all get to reunite again soon :)

  3. Oh I love these!! You guys are too cute!