Sunday, May 06, 2012

More For Me...

With all this warm weather lately, it called for rootbeer floats on the dessert menu... There are SO many different (new and original) ways to create floats, but we like them as plain Jane as possible. I have heard of people adding chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla... or Haagan Daz' Dulce de Leche ice cream (caramel)... that might be pretty good. But we stuck to the original recipe... vanilla ice cream and rootbeer. I'm fairly certain Charlotte drank about half of hers, let out a HUGE belch, and then was done with it. The girl doesn't really care for cold things, and this wasn't her cup of tea... I guess more for me!

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  1. Every night, I have a Root Beer Float! But, I use Diet A&W and low-fat ice cream! Love that Charlie belches so loud!

  2. Root Beer Floats always look SO good! I just wish I liked root beer!!!