Friday, May 18, 2012

Song and Laughter

So many firsts on this trip...and there will continue to be more and more, but I wanted to highlight a special one that happened the last few days. Charlotte met her aunt (Daddy's sister), and her cousin for the VERY first time... but sweet for me too, since it was my first time meeting my niece. Oh what a cutie she is... it needed to be documented. We spent some time in the grass, and I just had to document my niece's reaction to being outside... lets just say, it's exactly how Charlotte was with the grass last year... okay with it, as long as she wasn't touching it. It was some awesome girl time, filled with song and laughter.

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  1. I've never been so happy to outnumbered (speaking about gender!) . . . what a fantastic time. We're hoping to see more of Charlie . . . so we can practice our "pancake" game. Whhhoooooo!!!!

  2. i LOVE the picture of hazel in the grass...hahahaha. oh well, apparently grass is an acquired taste. one that we are going to force hazel to acquire. haha. it was SO good to spend time with you and charlie! looking forward to many more. love you!!