Saturday, May 26, 2012

West Reading Outing and a Coincidence

Some one on one time with Opa (Grandpa in German) has been one of the things we've enjoyed during the week. My Dad works crazy work shifts, and so his weekends are usually spent at work... so we have to take advantage of the days he has off during the week... hence this wonderful outing to West Reading. He knew we'd enjoy it, and wanted to share it with Charlotte and I...and boy did we! It was such a quaint little town, filled with fun shops/boutiques, cupcakeries, and other great restaurants/bistros. We ended up eating at a place called, "Joe's Bistro 614" , which ironically are the numbers of our "Gotcha Date" : June 14th! Opa was the one who pointed that out... he's always been great at remembering dates and putting two and two together with fun things, like this restaurant name! What was fun, was that this outing happened on the day we met Charlotte in Ukraine... so to eat out at a place with her "Gotcha Day" date in them, was such such a bizarre, but fun, coincidence.

Of course we had to stop and celebrate the day with a cupcake from this delicious Cupcakery! We had to bring a bunch home to sample...and they totally "hit" the spot after dinner.

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  1. What an adorable little town! It looks like the kind of place you'd enjoy.

  2. I was about to say that that little boutique did look just like something Karen would love, LOL! Totally jealous of the cupcakes. You have no idea.