Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Yellow Out

Hitting up the beach, just felt right as the temps have been going up...and the humidity hasn't set in yet. When friends are involved, an adventure is always in the works, and today didn't disappoint.

You've heard of the phrases: "Black Out" and "White Out", usually all related to the weather or causes from the weather... and today I experienced what we shall refer to as a "Yellow Out". Yellow Dust has been inching in from China... you can read about it here, and it was CRAZY to witness up close and personal.

When getting close to the shore... this was ALL you could see... a lady and her "activity" cart, that wasn't receiving ANY business... hmmm, I wonder why... maybe because there was this THICK film of yellow dust just hovering and blowing in from the shore... We thought it was fog, until when you carefully inspected it, you could see particles just floating around, ready to be inhaled... but we took it in for 1.5 hours, and dealt with it, just so that our little ones could see the water, and enjoy some sand time.

The tide was out pretty far, and we were able to see a few treasures along the way to the water...

Told you... it was hazy, and the tide was out REALLY far... it was a strange trip to the beach, but a FUN adventure at that.

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  1. These pictures are absolutely precious!