Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating Quickly

Our 1 Year Gotcha Day came and went too fast... honestly, since it was the day that kicked off Daddy being "done" with school, it was tough getting an actual moment to celebrate. He had to out process/pack up all of his stuff from his room that he's been camping out in for the last 5.5 months, and then we actually had a "going out" we needed to attend... so we celebrated quickly with balloons (Ukrainian flag color that deflated in15 minutes... apparently the heat kills balloons), and a gift... We'll have to pick up some cupcakes along the way (in the next few days)... and truly celebrate with some sweets!

I'm fairly certain she enjoyed shaking the box (like a tambourine) more so then the idea of opening it up and seeing what was inside... until she saw that it was a Matroyska doll.

She stared and stared at it, in disbelief that we would give her a sweet little "oh la la", and then gave me her best "model" pose...

We didn't get a whole lot of family time, but we did manage a family shot. I'm not sure what I like best...the fact that we're ALL TOGETHER, that Charlotte looks so grown up, or that she's actually LOOKING at the camera...

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  1. And there was a collective "ahhhh" heard ;)

  2. Call me crazy, but I kind of think Charlotte looks like you. Especially in the first picture.

  3. Can't believe how much this little one has changes ALL OUR LIVES over the last year. What an amazing story, and what an incredible family you have now. Thanks for making so much time for us, quality time, over the last few weeks. Can hardly wait until it can be longer and longer times of shared special moments with your beautiful Ukrainian daughter!

    Still ringing in my ears . . . "again, Papa D, again?" She has captured our heart!!!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day!! A day worth celebrating for sure. Praising that your hearts were open to His will and you took this little one home with you. Praising that she's responded so well to your love and encouragement. Praying for you and Jason as you continue on your journey as parents. So very happy for you all!


  5. Oh I just love her! And her wardrobe is far better than mine!

  6. Oh my goodness, she does look so grown up in these photos! Congratulations on 1 year together! :)

  7. Happy One Year! That necklace is adorable, too. Where did you find it?